Implementing AI in the Enterprise

November 15, 2019

Are you curious why AI is crucial to the success of your business? What are the practical applications to use AI for success? We discover how to utilize it in the workplace in this #Podcast with Sanjay Srivastava from Genpact. He joins us for this episode of the Pragmatic Live to discuss Implementing AI in the Enterprise and how to approach the challenges for adopting AI, the current state of AI and how to solve for explainability. 

We chat with Sanjay to discover what it is that companies do as they realize the need for AI. Sanjay explains that although it takes time to contextualize and get AI projects off the ground, the industry is continually seeking ways of shortening time to get these projects moving and accelerate their success. 

Listen in as Sanjay Srivastava tells us why AI is successful in solving problems in the Enterprise - from adding benefits to saving time, and how you can track insights and sources to make it work for your company. 

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