Usage Data’s Benefit to the Product Manager

December 2, 2019

“If we have the data, let’s look at the data - if all we have is opinions, we will go with mine.” 


This podcast took place at Product Collective’s INDUSTRY conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Pragmatic Institute rockstar Steve Johnson and Keith Fenech, vice president of software analytics at Revulytics, join Pragmatic Live to talk about why product managers should be aware of product usage, how they can use that data to get a better understanding of who they are selling to and why data is important to every stage in the product life cycle. 

Product managers take on an important role that includes getting to know customers and how they are interacting with a product. When the meeting is over, however, there needs to be a systematic way of collecting information and validating decisions. Keith explains the benefits of usage data across the product lifecycle and provides tips and tricks on how to present information to leadership, from basic metrics to user profiles. 

“What people do and what they say they do and what they actually do are three different things” and “without data everyone gets to be right.” Join us as we unpack these commonalities and how Revulytics solves for everyone’s opinions with data. 

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