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23,0000 Members and Counting: The Resources You’ll Find in the Pragmatic Alumni Community

July 8, 2022
Georgina_Donahue_PL_Header-0187jdy.jpg“It's been a really interesting time to see such a high degree of camaraderie and cheerleading in the community because everyone is working on leveling something up; they want to grow their team; they wanna grow their influence; they wanna grow their own skill level.” — Georgina Donahue, Director of Community at Pragmatic Institute
In this episode of Pragmatic Live, Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for Pragmatic Institute, interviews Georgina Donahue, the director of community at Pragmatic Institute, about the growth of the Pragmatic Alumni Community.
They Discuss
  • How the community helps connect alumni with jobs, candidates and innovative hiring strategies
  • The types of engaging conversations happening in the community around building cross-functional teams and collaborating with other departments
  • Masterclass opportunities exclusive to community members
Enroll in Foundations and get a lifetime free membership to the Pragmatic Alumni Community
Students learn how to
  • Become market-driven by exploring concepts such as how to uncover strategic opportunities
  • Define product team roles and responsibilities
  • Prioritize actual vs. desired business goals
  • Talk to and observe the market in action.