Product Chats Podcast

A Sneak Peek at Pragmatic Institute’s Online Community

December 20, 2019

So what really happens in an online community? Real conversations from your peers. Thought-provoking questions. A place to meet product people like you and find a sense of belonging in a very diverse industry. 

You’ll find all of that and more in Pragmatic Institute’s new online community. Listen in as Pragmatic community manager Georgina Cannie joins Rebecca Kalogeris to tell us why this dedicated online space is going to keep the learning going long after class has ended. 

See what kind of resources, tools and templates are going to be available to help you further your understanding of what you learned in class. This new community space will help alumni share their backgrounds, expertise, knowledge and passion with each other. Listen in to see what other great things are in store for this exciting new community.