Become a Better Listener

November 22, 2019

How do you become a good listener and not only hear what your customers are saying, but what they are trying to say? 


Alex McDonnell joins us from Invision, previously the Managing Director at Eigenworks, to share his insights on a developed framework for listening and how to use conversations to get the most information out of your customers. 

Alex’s stories and experiences are shared in this episode of the Pragmatic Live podcast to help product managers and marketers “really understand what customers are trying to tell us”. Describing one of their tried and true methods that Eigenworks called Playback and giving some advice on his keys to success, Alex attributes this advice he is able to share to Eigenworks founder and CEO Alan Armstrong, who passed away this Summer. 

This podcast is tribute to Alan, who is greatly missed among the industry. Although Eigenworks has closed its doors, many of the team members from Eigneworks have come together to form a new company, IcebergIQ, building on the foundational expertise and experience of Eigenworks. We invite you to check out our website at

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