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Key Components of a Structured Win/Loss Program

August 12, 2022
DoubleCheck_Header_PL-01.jpg“It is essential to adopt a structured approach to collecting buyer insights. Now, if companies decide just to do an ad-hoc buyer interview or win-loss interview, and it's not a more structured process, then companies will end up relying on anecdotal information and never truly understanding the buyer” — Diana Igua
In this episode of Pragmatic Live, Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for Pragmatic Institute, interviews two experts from DoubleCheck Research —Diana Igua, director of marketing & operations and Jen Doyle, research director, about why win/loss is an essential activity for any company.
They discuss:
  • What win/loss programs provide to product managers, product marketers and sales teams
  • Why a collection of conversations is more meaningful than one story
  • How to establish a standardized and focused process for structuring win/loss research
  • Why surveys aren’t an adequate replacement for win/loss interviews
  • Two approaches to get target groups to engage with a win/loss interview
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