Product Chats Podcast

How to Optimize Win/Loss Analysis and Increase Your Win Rate

August 26, 2022

Andrew_Peterson_PL_Header-01ayunk.jpgWin-loss analysis is a practice every company should be doing but not every company is doing it—at least not as effectively as they can be. Win-loss analysis can help your business in almost every facet—product strategy, marketing messaging, sales enablement, and more.


Andrew Peterson, Co-Founder of Clozd, the leader in win-loss analysis, explains how to optimize your win-loss analysis program.


Andrew has expert advice on the win-loss best practices to increase your win rate, whether it be getting started or leveling up your current program.


In this conversation Andrew will share:

  • How to get started with a win-loss analysis program
  • Tips to optimize your current program
  • How to take the data you receive from your program and use it to implement necessary change