Product Chats Podcast

How To Use Innovation And Proven Methodologies To Uncover Your Distinctive Competencies

July 29, 2022

Leon_Stigter_HeaderPLb8xzd.jpgOne of the largest struggles within product is articulating your organization’s unique abilities to deliver value to its market. But guess what, it’s also one of the most important! So how do you develop a successful path that combines innovation, proven methodology and sure-fire approaches to hone-in on the attributes and differentiators that set you apart from your competitors?

We got you covered.

Leon Stigter, Senior Technical PM at Amazon Web Services, covers topics on distinctive competencies and when and how innovation can become your biggest ally. In this discussion Leon will share:

  • How you can find distinctive competencies and turn them into assets
  • Why does “distinctive” matter in distinctive competencies?
  • How to use marketing as a top asset when telling your story
  • Why data is a key factor in your process