Product Chats Podcast

Method Implementation for Cross-Functional Teams

October 18, 2019

How do you create a cohesive approach to product methodology when working with cross-functional teams? What is the value in developing a consistent language, vocabulary and framework to a cross-functional organization?

Neal Watkins of BAE Systems gives us his advice based on his five year experience with his product team at BAE and describes his newly defined processes, the importance of a universal language within a company, and how he’s learned that the correct input drives the correct output in regard to creating products that customers love. 

As the chief product officer of BAE systems, Neal joins Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of sales and marketing at Pragmatic Institute, to tell us his biggest takeaways and bits of advice for others on the Product Management journey. From leveraging a team’s core capabilities to depending on their functional outputs for success, Neal describes how he tailored his organization’s methodology and application to fit each of the roles that within the larger organization. 

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