O’Reilly’s AI Conference Experience

December 13, 2019

Listen in as Kelli Lapointe is joined by Roger Magoulas, VP of Radar at O’Reilly to share stories, laughs and expectations of the AI conference. From technology adoption to the way the conference came to be, Roger addresses some big ideas and shares how a paper he wrote in tandem with Ben Lorica back in 2008 inspired the conference that it is today. 

Both Ben and Roger knew that something was going on in the realm of sophisticated analytics and took the chance at diving in deeper. After starting the conference and realizing machine learning was incredibly important they learned how to integrate this new-found methodology across applications and operations.

Roger shares stories and experiences from O’Reilly’s AI conference and describes the learning taking place as deep and fundamental and explains how this social learning environment goes beyond the topics presented during the conference, but really allows attendees to absorb information from all around them. Learn more about this great social network and hear Roger’s insights, such as why this AI conference is much like meditation, today! 

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