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PMC VIII Certified: How Completing Pragmatic Product Courses can Elevate Your Career

July 1, 2022

steve_goodyear_header-01avue5.jpgSteve Goodyear, the founder of Realizer Services, is the first person to earn a PMC VIII certification.

Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for Pragmatic Institute, and Steve discuss the variety of courses offered through Pragmatic Institute, and how each plays a role in elevating the work he does at his company.

They discuss

  • How the courses help Steve answer the question: "How do I turn professional services into more of a product."
  • His lessons from the Design course
  • How he uses the Pragmatic Alumni Community to build his network and talk through ideas.

Additional Resources

Foundations on Demand

Begin your product training experience with the course Foundations. Even better, this course is both live and on-demand. You’ll also gain your membership to the growing and active Pragmatic Alumni Community.

Course Overview:

  • Understand the market and the problems it faces
  • Use market knowledge to build and sell products people want to buy
  • Master the Pragmatic Framework and the activities needed to bring a successful product to market
  • Learn to listen to the market, prioritize projects and drive result

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