Product Chats Podcast

Product Chat: Leverage the Power of Design

January 15, 2021
Listen to Pragmatic Institute’s Design Practice Co-Director Jim Dibble and Product Instructor Amy Graham join host and VP of Marketing & Product Strategy Rebecca Kalogeris for “Leverage the Power of Design.” The Product Chat took place over Zoom on January 12, 2021. The two experts shared their best advice for leveraging your organization’s design resources to work more strategically toward a successful product. See a few of the topics they covered below:
  • Overcoming tension and misunderstanding between product and design teams
  • Advocating for design resources
  • Partnering with UX designers on NIHITO research
  • Crafting user personas and applying them throughout the product life cycle
  • Framing problems vs. goals
  • Creating “How Might We?” statements for ideation
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