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The Six Stages of The B2B Innovator Map

September 23, 2022
Daniel_Elizalde_PL_Header_-01.jpg“In the past, it's been a little bit of a nebulous process and people trying to grab from Lean Startup and all these different things that are not cohesive as a journey.” - Daniel Elizalde
Innovation work can feel ambiguous and daunting, but Daniel Elizalde is working to bring clarity with a well-defined innovation journey. In this episode of Pragmatic Live, Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for Pragmatic Institute, interviews Daniel Elizalde, product executive, advisor and author of the B2B Innovators Map.
During this conversation, Rebecca and Daniel explore in-depth the six stages of the B2B innovator map, which are:
  1. Strategic alignment
  2. Market discovery
  3. User discovery
  4. Solution planning
  5. prototyping
  6. Early adopter
They also emphasize a market-first approach where conversations about feasibility happen toward the end of the innovation process, not at the beginning.
“If you can build it, and if you can make money, it doesn't matter if nobody wants it.” —Daniel
You can learn more about Daniel’s work and purchase his book on his website
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