Product Chats Podcast

What Causes a Launch to Fail?

February 18, 2022

Validating market problems isn’t about listening only to the noisy 20 percent of the market. Instead, it’s about understanding the needs of the quiet 80 percent too. Without validation, product teams can invest valuable time and resources into an idea that is destined to fall flat.

In this episode of Pragmatic Live, Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for Pragmatic Institute, interviews Pragmatic instructor Terry Sadowski who candidly shares his experience with a launch failure.

They discuss:

  • How pressure and novelty can cause you to ignore established processes that protect against launch failures
  • The ways hindsight reveals all the missteps overlooked in a moment of excitement and energy
  • How to move forward after a big failed launch
  • Key advice to avoid a failed launch

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