Product Chats Podcast

What Makes a Competency Distinct?

July 22, 2022
Paul_Young_July_PL_Header_-01.jpg“Here’s how we define distinctive competencies: they are the unique attributes your organization has developed that allow you to deliver value into your market.” — Paul Young
In this episode of Pragmatic Live, Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for Pragmatic Institute, interviews Pragmatic instructor Paul Young about distinctive competencies and how to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls when identifying them.
They discuss:
  • Distinctive competency as it relates to core competencies
  • Examples of distinctive competencies: innovation, culture, customer intimacy, patent portfolio
  • Why you can’t innovate like Apple >> Read More
  • The consequence of assuming distinctive competencies without external validation
  • Why technology isn’t a good distinctive competency
  • How many (or few) distinctive competencies you should have in your organization
  • The strategies for shifting distinctive competencies (the slow way and the fast way)
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