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What Successful Content Strategies Look Like in 2022

June 10, 2022
Brett_McGrath_Header-01ajynf.jpg“When your message is generic, instead of being for everyone, it turns into a piece of content for no one. So for me, specificity is always been really a key trait. To building that hero and then, also for me, is being real and genuine and authentic as I possibly can be."
There was a time when content marketing was new and fresh and the competition was sparse. That day has come and gone, so how do we compete and engage with a strategy that everyone employs at some level?
In this episode of Pragmatic Live, Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for Pragmatic Institute, interviews Brett McGrath from The Juice on all things content marketing and content distribution.
They discuss:
  • How to think beyond the inbound methodology
  • Why distribution is the path to having a proactive marketing strategy
  • The ways that content can build valuable relationships
  • Vulnerability as a superpower and experimentation as a strength
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